Transdisciplinary Research Ecosystem

This diagram represents the IPAS transdisciplinary research ecosystem.

Our 6 market driven themes (‘defence & security’, ‘space science & astrophysics’, ‘health & biotech’, ‘sustainable energy, mining &resources’, ‘advanced manufacturing’ and ‘agri-food & wine’) are encompassed in a ray of white light coming in from the left. The light gets diffracted into our capability prism (‘photonics’, ‘biophotonics’, ‘nanotechnology’, ‘quantum’, ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘glass and optical fibres’, ‘3D metal printing’, surface and material sciences’) and comes out on the right of the diagram in a rainbow whose individual colours represent the categories of impact created by the IPAS ecosystem (‘scientific discoveries’, ‘new jobs’, training’ , ‘productivity enhancement’, ‘innovations’, ‘advanced products’, spin-outs’).