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Featuring the work of talented University of Adelaide's researchers who closely collaborate with our Institute.

An essential goal of research is to expand current knowledge. With this in mind, the ISER team has launched this special section.

New feature stories will be published on a periodic basis under the Latest News and the front page of ISER's website to illustrate research findings in the areas of Energy, Sustainability and/or Resources.

All previously published stories will be available in this section.

We hope these impact stories will contribute to improve public understanding and to help boost interest and involvement in transformative research that creates value for a more sustainable future.

(@UoA's researchers - to feature your work in this space, please contact us via iser@adelaide.edu.au)


Dr Tracey Dodd

Dr Dodd's expertise spans renewable energy, corporate governance, sustainability, social and environmental policy. All of them, crucial areas to pave the way for the transition to renewable energy.

Her research related to the closure of an ageing coal-fired power station analysed the gamut of regulatory and social factors impacting on the community's and policymakers' acceptance required to move ahead. 

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Dr Tracey Dodd's Impact Story


Prof Rachel Burton

Professor Burton’s team has honed in on how plants can be used to create sustainable, carbon-neutral industrial products. Because plants naturally absorb carbon from the atmosphere and use it to make energy, this means they balance out the amount of carbon that’s released during the manufacturing processes that turn them into useable products.

The motivation to achieve that, isn’t just about saving the world from climate change, Professor Burton explains that it’s also about future-proofing our existing manufacturing industry - something that ISER is actively supporting.

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Prof Rachel Burton's Impact Story