Call for participation: Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen JRC

The University of Adelaide and Tianjin University are leading an Australia-China Joint Research Centre proposal for a Joint Research Centre for Hydrogen Energy (JRC-HE). The centre aims to address critical problems for the commercialisation of a Hydrogen Energy for both countries, ranging from hydrogen production and scaling up, to the end-use of hydrogen and associated techno-economic analysis. We are now seeking research partners and feedback on the Joint Research Centre for Hydrogen Energy Prospectus, before the end of July 2020.

Research programs hosted by the proposed JRC-HE includes fundamental material development and mechanistic investigation in several innovative hydrogen production technologies, including electrocatalytic water splitting, photocatalytic water splitting, and steam reforming; packaged equipment technology for scaling up of hydrogen production, and system integration demonstration for hydrogen end-users.

For enquiries, please contact Dr Yan Jiao -; + 61 (0)8 8313 0753

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