HiTeMP-2 videos now available

HiTeMP-2 video promotion

Livestream videos of the HiTeMP-2 Forum that was held in Adelaide from March 16-18, at the National Wine Centre, are now available to view.

HiTeMP-2 consolidated this Forum’s position as a globally unique and leading event in engaging international specialists from industry, research, government and community organisations to chart the path for the heavy industrial sector to transition to the new, low-carbon economic future. In addition to increasing its participation by 70% from the first forum, HiTeMP-2 also successfully introduced the simultaneous streaming of virtual participants, sometimes from different continents, within the live meeting of delegates.

An initiative of the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Energy Technology, HiTeMP-2 attracted 169 delegates from 15 countries, of which 64% participated on-line owing to the travel restrictions imposed by the outbreak of the Corona virus. Of these, some 39% were from industry, 43% from research, 14% from government agencies and 4% from non-government organisations. Furthermore, 90% of respondents agreed that HiTeMP-2 was highly relevant to them and that they would recommend this forum to their colleagues.

As a multi-stakeholder forum, HiTeMP-2 engaged panels of specialists with complementary backgrounds to identify, for several mineral industry sectors, the drivers, opportunities, barriers and enablers for the low-carbon transition. Key opportunities were identified for green hydrogen, biomass, electrification and the direct use of heat from concentrating solar thermal energy. These opportunities were identified within the varying contexts of the iron & steel, alumina, cement and new-energy-metals industries.

HiTeMP-3 is planned to be held in Adelaide during March 2022. Register your interest to be included in HiTeMP-3 updates, and watch the HiTeMP-2 videos.

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