Findings from the HiTeMP-2 Outlook Report

HiTeMP-2 Outlook

Heavy industry is vital to our economy, but it contributes to the planet’s climate challenge, which is why transitioning the sector to net-zero carbon emissions is so important. Decarbonising heavy industry will be good for the global economy, because it is being driven by new markets for higher value new green products.

A report written from last year’s HiTeMP-2 Forum, the HiTeMP-2 Outlook Report has been released today. The report charters the essential pathway to transition heavy industry toward net-zero emissions.

Hear Professor Gus Nathan, Director of the Centre for Energy Technology (CET) and Deputy Director of the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources (IMER), discuss the HiTeMP-2 Outlook Report, download a copy of the report and/or register your interest to attend HiTeMP-3 in 2022.

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