ISER-sponsored Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bids progressed to stage 2

We are very pleased to announce that two of the CRC bids led by The University of Adelaide and sponsored by the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER) have been invited to Stage 2 of the CRC Round 24 application process.

The teams and partners of Copper for Tomorrow CRC and Scaling Green Hydrogen CRC have worked tirelessly to get to this point and their efforts enabled the advancement to stage two of the selection process.

Further details about this progression can be found in our University's newsroom

Our wholeheartedly thanks to all the partners that have joined the bids bringing together the vision of sustainable copper and hydrogen supply, and to both bid teams who have spent their time developing the bids, namely: Michael Goodsite, Adele Seymon, Gavin Yeates, Paula Angerstein, Andy Holmes, Paul Hodgson, Chris Matthews, Christian Doonan, Consulting & Implementation Services (CIS), and Damia Ettakadoumi.

The CRC bid teams will submit a Stage 2 application as part of the next step of the process. The Federal Government will announce the outcomes of the bids in December 2023.

These two CRC bids are now accepting new partners to join these exciting initiatives. Just reach out to their research directors Michael Goodsite and Christian Doonan!

Looking forward to Stage 2 and some busy, but exciting weeks ahead!

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