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Adelaide College of Advanced Education Drama Department
Student essays and project assignments

MSS 0066


The following are assignments/research projects by various students in the Drama Department of the (former) Adelaide College of Advanced Education, principally subjects AK121, 221 and 321 (Drama influenced by other media, Trends in modern drama, Drama and theatre in education). They were undertaken primarily in the mid- to late 1970s, however a few projects from the Drama Department of the University of Adelaide (following the merger of the ACAE with the University in 1989) are also incorporated. Most are in the form of essays but some include copies of articles, magazine issues, programs, posters, prospectuses, reports etc. and some have associated audio cassette recordings. They were grouped by the Department according to the subject of the assignment and have been further collected here into general topic headings.

These papers were selected in February 2000 from records left in the Drama Department of the University of Adelaide after its closure. Some of the journal collections and other printed items were transferred to the Performing Arts Library, while material relating to the Department itself has been taken into the University Archives.

The original contribution of the students in these assignments remains their copyright and must be acknowledged in any work that uses it. Copies can not be made (other than for personal research and reference) without the permission of the copyright owner.

Contents Listing

Series 1
Arts organisations (including Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust and Australia Council). 1977 and undated. 6 cm.

Series 2
Drama education/drama schools. 1977 and undated. 7 cm. [posters on oversize shelf]

Series 3
Theatre/Drama in Education. 1974-78, 1989. 15 cm.

Series 4
Theatre/Drama in Schools (including drama and play and drama courses/curriculum in secondary schools, school theatres and studios, resources for drama in libraries). 1974-79

Series 5
Theatre groups, companies and venues - South Australian. 1974-79. 15 cm.

Series 6
Theatre groups, companies and venues - other Australian. 1974-79. 10 cm.

Series 7
Community Theatre groups/Community Arts Centres (South Australia). 1975-78. 12 cm.

Series 8
Theatre reviewing. 1975-79. 10 cm.

Series 9
[Miscellaneous 1] History of Australian drama, Australian drama produced in 1975, Drama in Adelaide in 1976, Adelaide Festival of Arts/Come Out 1976, Focus ’76, Little Theatre in Australia, Commercial Theatre in Australia, Feminism in theatre, Ethnic theatre, TV drama in Australia. c1975-78. 15 cm.

Series 10
[Miscellaneous 2] Trends in Modern Drama, Drama economics, Adelaide publicity outlets, Dance resources, Dance in Education, Dance methodology, Stage management, Design project for performance of The persecution and assassination of Marat, Theatre and drama resources in SA, Comedy and acting styles c1975-78. 12 cm.

Series 11
Newspaper articles relating to music and theatre. c1975-80. 30 cm. [Two sequences, one by subject - Directors and performers, Training and design, Music/Theatre, Community arts, puppetry and clowning; Funding, Film and media; Festival and Focus, Theatres and companies, Dance and mime, Playwrights, plays and critics; and a second chronological, for 1975 (Australian and Advertiser), 1978 and 1980 (Advertiser only) and unsorted 1978-81].

Series 12
Posters. Various – not sorted or listed. [On oversize shelf and in map cabinet]

Series 13
University of Adelaide. Dept of Drama prospectus 1992/93.

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