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Australasian Association of European History
Papers from Biennial Conference 1977

MSS 940.06 A938bi

Contents Listing

1. Program. Printed booklet (3 copies).

2. Minutes of business session, 5 June 1977.

3. Minutes of the program committee, 2 December 1975 to 15 March 1997.

4. Advance information circulars.

5. Mailing lists and list of delegates.

6. Correspondence.

7. Financial accounts, receipts etc.

8. Survey of Modern European History Courses in Australasian Universities, compiled by Decie Denholm, History Department, University of Adelaide, 1977 (manuscript, Roneo copy, 28 p.). Includes mailing lists, correspondence and print copy of survey results.

9.Copies of papers presented, with marked up copy of program. Papers include:

  1. Kwiet, Konrad. Problems with Jewish resistance historiography. (Published version of the author's conference paper. Copied from Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook, 1979. p. 37-57).
  2. Stuart, Robert S. French Marxism and its perception of French society, 1879-1905.
  3. Rose, K. B. The Paris districts, 1789-1790, and the origins of the Sans-culotte movement.
  4. Edmonds, W. D. The causes of urban revolt in France in Spring, 1793 with special reference to Lyon.
  5. Hill, Craig. The gendarmerie in the market place.
  6. McPhee, Peter. Popular culture, symbolism and rural radicalism in nineteenth century France. 2 copies
  7. Tomory, Peter. Question of identity: David's 'Death of Socrates'.
  8. Johnson, Donald Leslie. Changes in the symbolic essence of the city: circa 1880.
  9. Neumark, Norie. Superior but equal: the consciousness of women in the Russian intelligentsia.
  10. Huppauf, Bernard. History of literature and social history.
  11. Gough, Austin. The Roman liturgy, Gregorian plain-chant and the Gallican church. 1979. (A revision of his conference paper).
  12. Fischer, Gerhard. "The states begin to wither away".
  13. Sawer, Marian. The genesis of 'State and revolution'.
  14. Etherington, Norman. British and American forerunners of Lenin's theory of imperialism. 2 copies.
  15. Tampke, Jürgen. The German November revolution and the third way. 2 copies.
  16. Brand, D. C. The German revolution of 1918 and the historians. 2 copies.
  17. Verrall, D. O. Soviet naval diplomacy & foreign policy in an age of detente.
  18. Turner, L. C. F. The Russian mobilisation in 1914. Revised ed. published 1979.
  19. Rigby, T. H. The Soviet Government under Lenin.
  20. Siegelbaum, Lewis. Rediscovering Russian industrialists: the case for a national bourgeoisie. 2 copies.
  21. Murray, William. The Royou/Fréron connection: model for counter-revolution?
  22. Head, Brian W. Intellectuals and politics: the idéologues and idéologie. 2 copies.
  23. Moses, John. The concept of economic democracy within the German Socialist Trade Unions during the Weimar Republic: the emergence of an alternative route to socialism.
  24. Crew, Jennifer. Collectivization in the Soviet Union - did it work?
  25. Bosworth, Richard. In the green corner, Denis Mack Smith, in the red? black? corner, Renzo De Felice: an account of the 1976 contest in the historiography of Italian Fascims.
  26. Newman, Eugene. Robert Blum and radical organisation in the German revolution of 1848. 2 copies.

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