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Robert H. Illing (1917- )
Papers 1952-1986

MSS 780 I29p

Biographical Note

Robert Illing was born in London in 1917 and studied at Cambridge (1935-1939) and Nottingham (1958-1961). He was appointed head of the Music Department at Flinders University, Adelaide in 1966.

These papers comprise a number of writings on music, mainly for students of musicology,  century music prepared for  performance and some original compositions.

Contents Listing

Series I
1. Index of writings about music ... prepared by Robert Illing, 1982  (2 copies)
2. Schedule of libraries for the distribution of writings and music.

Series II Writings largely derived from various authorities to serve the needs of students and others interested in music.
1. Opera : Voices and instruments
2.  Contributions to Solo Song
3. The periods of western musical history
4. An index to piano music for young pianists       
5.  An index to orchestral music for young musicians        
6. The inability to sing in tune 1974
    -- c.2 1966
7. The Book of Psalms
8. The ancient and medieval lineage of western music
9.  The Symphony Orchestra
10.  Musical notations and terminology
11. A brief commentary on Italian terms in music
    -- c.2
12. Terpander and fragments
13. A Babylonian band
14. A metrical trinity
15. The periods of musical history
16. If any be merry let him sing Psalms: a documentary for broadcasting. Adelaide, 1969 (An account of the evolution of the English metrical Psalter ... broadcast by the ABC Sunday 9 November 1969)
17. Learning to play the piano. 1975
18. Musical genealogy of my friends and students traced from about the year 1400. 1982
19. An illustrated catalogue of the early editions of Handel in Australia / Betty Kinnear & Robert Illing. 1974-75

Series III Reports and reviews 1 vol.

Series IV Performing MESSIAH as Handel wished. Adelaide 1980

Series V Music of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries prepared for performance by R. Illing
1. Arbeau's Airs for Capriol - set simply for flutes and strings.
2. Arbeau's Airs for Capriol - set simply for flutes and strings transposed for trebles.
3. Handel - Fitzwilliam Violin Sonata in G Minor (fair copy of Handel's manuscript).
4. Handel - Fitzwilliam Violin Sonata in G Minor (keyboard realization of Handel's bass).
5. Daniel Purcell - Sonata Sesta in F Minor.
6. Daniel Purcell - Sonata Quarta in D Major.
7. Daniel Purcell - Sonata Quinta in A. Major.
8. Henry Purcell - Sonata in G Minor.
9. Pepusch - Sonata in G Major.
10. Robert Valentine.
11. The Seven Dances from Telemann's Wedding Entertainment.
12. Buxtehude - Jesu Meine Freude.
13. Pavane.
14. The four part settings in Allison's Companion 1599 to the English Metrical Psalter.
15. Day's companion 1563 to the English Metrical Psalter (2v.)
16. Ravenscroft's revision of Est's Psalter (1985.)
     v.1 Introduction and transcriptions
     v.2 Facsimiles
17. Handel - Solo Cantatas.
A photographic reproduction of the 18th century manuscript collection in the Fisher Library of the University of Sydney.

Series VI Settings of traditional melodies
1. Four Somerset folksongs.
2. Brother James Air and Psalm XXIII.
3. Six Appalachian folksongs.
4. Three Slovation folksongs.
5. Three Lithuanian folksongs.
6. Tykiai Tykiai.
7. Four English traditional melodies.

Series VII Original compositions
1. Cabra Mass.
2. Let all the world.
3. Hail Mary.
4. Hail O Queen.
5. Light of the church.
6. Five Australian bird songs 1976.
    -- c.2 1981.
7. Gradatim.
8. Three short songs - poems by Robert Milne.
9. Fanfare for organ and choir : to greet ... Pope John Paul II ... 30 November 1986.

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