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David St. Leger Kelly

MSS 0156

Biographical Note

David St. Leger Kelly studied at the University of Adelaide from 1957-1967, earning an Honors degree L.L.B. in 1961 and a degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1967. In 1963 he took a temporary lecturer in Law position for several months, before becoming a Senior Lecturer in Law from 1964-1976. In 1979 he took a Readership position, before being appointed as Chair of Law in 1980 until his retirement in 1983.


Series 1: Correspondence, Committees, and Associations.

1.1. Correspondence with Woodley Press (8 letters, dated 1974-1976)

1.2. Correspondence re: lecture on “Peremptory Norms and Private International Law”. Includes letters to Miss Maarleveld and Professor Hilding Eek and (6 letters, dated 1973-1974) and copy of lecture.

1.3. Correspondence with Robert Allen Sedler (2 letters, dated 1976) and copies of Sedler’s articles:

  • Article: The Contracts provisions of the restatement (second): An analysis and a critique.
  • Article: Functionally restrictive substantive rules in American conflicts law with additional footnotes

1.4. Correspondence with Willis L. M. Reese (2 letters, dated 1974)

1.5. Documents regarding the Library Committee including; meeting agendas and minutes, correspondence, memorandums and a copy of the agreement between the University of Adelaide and the Australian Medical Association (dated 1972-1976)

1.6. Documents regarding the Australasian Universities Law Schools Association. Includes correspondence, meeting minute and agendas and copy of a paper presented by Julius Varsanyi at the A.U.L.S.A. Conference in Adelaide, 1971 titled Ethnic law and central European integration.

Series 2: Teaching

2.1. Documents regarding “Elements of Law” assessment (1973) includes handwritten notes, class list, survey questions, and course evaluation questions.

2.2. Poverty questionnaire

2.3. Handwritten notes on Judicial and non-judicial debt collection

2.4. Course materials for teaching Elements of Law. Includes text "Cases and materials in elements of law and legal memo." Volume 1. February 1963.

2.5 Documents regarding Interstate supervision of probationers and parolees. Includes copies of published articles, typewritten notes and correspondence

2.6. Course material for teaching: Conflicts: Federal Problems

2.7. Course material for teaching: Conflicts: Property Law

2.8. Casebook for course: Private International Law. Volume 1 (Conflicts: Actions in Personal) and 2 (Conflicts: Theory). (1970)

2.9. Course material for teaching: Conflicts: Family Law

2.10. Course material for teaching: Roman Law

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