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Keith Wingrove
Scrapbooks 1930-1978

MSS 0048

Contents Listing

1. Newspaper articles on Australian literature and related topics (books, libraries, publishing and art). 1930-1978.  13v.

Editorials and articles from the Brisbane Courier and Courier-MailSydney Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, Age and the Bulletin 'Red Page'.  Includes articles by Nettie Palmer, H.M. Green, Brian Penton, J.B. Priestley and Archbishop Wand.
v.1  1930-33
v.2  1931-33
v.3  1933
v.4  1933-34 - includes articles by Professor Walter Murdoch
v.5  1934-35 - includes important article by Vance Palmer on "The Future of Australian Literature" 9 Feb. 1935 and responses to it, among others by Miles Franklin, G. Mackaness and Robert Croll.
v.6  1934-35
v.7  1934-35, 1939
v.8  1935-36
v.9  1935-1937
v.10  1937-41 - includes articles relating to the banning of Joyce's Ulysses, and articles by Walter Murdoch
v.11  1944-45 - mainly relating to Australian art, especially the controversy over the award of the Archibald prize to Dobell's portrait of Joshua Smith, but also articles on Henry Handel Richardson
v.12  1945-46 - mainly relating to police action against Lawson Glossop's We were the rats but also on Henry Handel Richardson.
v.13  1944-78 - miscellaneous articles on art and literature, including on Rosaleen Norton, Dobell, Heysen, James Gleeson and Jules Lefebre's "Chloe"; also John Goold, the Ern Malley hoax, Henry Handel Richardson, Xavier Herbert and Mary Hannay Foott (an early Australian journalist) and on book collecting (including Kenneth Hince).

2. Extracts from the Australian Army magazine Salt and the RAAF magazine Wings, principally verse and some general articles on literature.  Mostly undated [early to mid 1940s].  4v.

3. Articles on Modern Poetry and extracts of verse.  1933, 1935 and undated.  1v.
[Various items from the Listener and series of articles by Hugh Sykes Davies on 'The enjoyment of modern poetry'; also editorials from the Courier-Mail 1935 and extracts from the 'Red Page' of 1935.]

4. Newspaper articles on Australian history and on social issues.  1943-  78.  10v.

4/1.  'Australian Historical Sketches' by M.H. Ellis, from the Bulletin   1948-1966.  3v.
4/2.  'Answers' by Professor Walter Murdoch,  1954-64 (most undated), and some later articles relating to Murdoch.  1v.
4/3.  Miscellaneous articles on Australian history, various sources (including pictorial/cartoon series, "Our Australia" by Noel Goss and Walter Seed (undated), "Postscripts to Australian History" by D.A. Renton and W. Johnson Evans (undated) and "Legends of the Australian aborigines" 1947-48 by Renton and Evans).  1943-77 (many articles undated).  4v.
4/4.  Miscellaneous articles on Australian history (especially Ned Kelly), literature, aborigines, convicts, buildings, art and printers/book collectors (Walter Stone, John Kirtley, John Moir).  1950-77 (many undated).  2v.
4/5.  Miscellaneous articles on Australian history and contemporary issues, especially the Cowra outbreak and on Sir Mark Oliphant and Sir Douglas Nicholls.  1964-78.  1v.

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