Each year, Marketing and Communications produces a range of material on behalf of the University, across student recruitment, research, international and corporate publications.

This involves project managing the content, design, production, delivery and distribution.

Speak to us about how you can use or contribute to the content in these publications. You may be able to highlight a University service, promote a program or publicise your research.

We also maintain a writing style guide, which helps provide guidelines on how to write in the Adelaide voice.

In terms of developing your own publications, we provide consultation and project management assistance. If you’d like to produce a new publication, review some of the resources below.


The University of Adelaide produces many publications for its students, as well as a range of publications designed for a more general audience. See some of our work on our publications website. 


Writing style guide

The University's writing style guide provides recommendations on how corporate, branded marketing material should be presented in written form.

Writing style guide

Please note this content is restricted to University staff.

Things to consider

If you’d like to produce a new publication there are a few things to consider before contacting your marketing representative:

  • Objectives

    What problem are you trying to solve? And why is a printed publication the best solution? As an example, your objective may be to promote a new program or service. The problem you are trying to solve may be below target applications for a particular degree program. Once you know your objective or define the problem to solve, your marketing representative can help you work out whether a printed publication is the best solution.

  • Audience

    Who is your message for? What channels do they commonly use and interact with? Online channels include webpages/websites, video, audio, mobile apps, social media, PDFs via email, etc. These channels may be more effective than a printed publication in engaging your target audience. Your marketing representative can help you answer this question, but is worth thinking about before you approach us.

  • Content

    Do you have the content for this publication ready? The style of writing should change with the audience, purpose and format/delivery. Consider if your content needs to be edited to fit the audience, purpose and format of your printed publication.

  • Budget

    You may want a lot from your printed publication, but you’ll need to be realistic about what you can afford in terms of writing, editing, design and photography/images. Guides on cost can be provided on request.

  • Timing

    When do you need the publication by? Is it needed for a specific date, e.g. for an event or before applications close? Think ahead and be realistic about the time required and resources available to create the publication. Marketing & Communications usually has a full schedule of design projects so please provide as much lead time as possible.

  • Collaboration

    By combining your knowledge of your business with our marketing, media and production experience, we can deliver a publication that is relevant, audience-focused and achieves your goals. Whether it’s informing readers or generating action, in partnership we are able to meet your goals while supporting the strategic aims of the University, rather than consolidating silos.

Once you have considered the points above, please contact your marketing representative to discuss your needs and how to brief the project.

Are you from a school, faculty of research area?

Whether you’re a staff member or student, your first point of contact should be your faculty marketing team.

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