Filming on Campus

The University of Adelaide has a rich history, much of which is reflected in the beautiful architecture, buildings and grounds located on its North Terrace, Roseworthy and Waite campuses.

These aesthetic locations are often sought as backdrops for still or video photography.

Filming or photography can be of a personal or commercial nature. Filming or photography is defined as ‘commercial’ if it is commissioned or if the images obtained will be used for financial gain, such as selling still images as prints or for calendars or postcards, or selling footage for use in documentaries, TV shows, movies or commercials.

To ensure that University activities are not disrupted and to preserve the integrity of the University brand, University permission is required for commercial and private filming or photography.

  • Principles

    In assessing filming and photography requests the University takes into consideration whether:

    1. the proposed filming or photography has some positive benefit of an educational, state, philanthropic or tourism nature, or serves a public information purpose
    2. in the case of close associates with the University (e.g. University alumni), the request preserves a positive, ongoing relationship with the University
    3. the proposed filming or photography will disrupt University activities, in particular learning and teaching or research (access to buildings and internal spaces during semester times is restricted)
    4. the proposed filming or photography is offensive to age, race, gender, sexual, political or religious preferences or would otherwise bring the University into disrepute
    5. there may be any potential negative repercussions for approving the request.

    If any area of the University determines that the request does not comply with the above principles, the request will be declined before the formal application process starts.

    If the application meets the above principles and represents a positive opportunity for the University, the area is asked to submit the Request for Permission form along with a supporting recommendation to the Director, Operations (Marketing).

    The Director, Operations (Marketing) will make the final decision on the approval. Marketing will advise on the final decision within five business days of submission and will consult with relevant areas of the University to ensure all mandatory requirements are met and the photography/film shoot will have minimal impact to regular University activities.

  • Agreement and fees

    Private requests: 
    Requests of a private nature (e.g. wedding photography) do not attract a fee.

    Commercial requests: 
    If permission is granted, the applicant will be required to agree to the Terms and Conditions (in the case of small-scale filming or photography – i.e. one day of filming at one location only by one or two individuals with a camcorder) or sign a Filming on Campus Agreement (in the case of large-scale filming – i.e. undertaken by a company over multiple days and multiple locations).

    To obtain a copy of either of these documents please contact the Events team

    Commercial requests are subject to the relevant fees
    Photography $1,000 per day or part thereof plus GST
    Filming $2,000 per day or part thereof plus GST
    University of Adelaide project coordinator (makes necessary arrangements on applicant’s behalf) $60+GST per hour cost recovery for internal liaison. $170+GST per hour market rate / penalty rate for out of hours work. Advised via cost estimate and invoiced following project completion.
    Additional charges (e.g. after-hours access, OHS and security) As advised by Marketing

    Fees may be waived in some instances at the discretion of Marketing.

    For any questions relating to this guide or associated documents, please contact Marketing.

  • Request for permission

    University permission is required for any commercial filming or photography on University campuses. Requests of a personal nature only need permission if access to internal areas is required. To request permission please complete the 'request for commercial filming and photography' form below.  If you have questions about your form please email

    Request for commercial filming and photography

    Public liability insurance - does the applicant have Public Liability insurance up to $10,000,000?

    One file only.
    20 MB limit.
    Allowed types: jpg, png, psd, html, pdf, doc, docx.