Our Teams

The Marketing branch sits within the Division of External Engagement. Our purpose and aspiration is to protect and promote the University’s reputation, leading marketing, and brand activities both locally and globally.

We provide services and advice that advance the University’s research, teaching and learning and engagement aspirations. With a strong ambition for driving growth and reputation, branch activities are centred around uplifting the University’s reputational goals and revenue targets. Our branch is comprised of four teams:

  • Brand and Acquisition

    Our Brand and Acquisition team build the University’s brand and reputation and deliver high quality, insight-driven marketing in support of the University’s core objectives. This team is a core strategic function of the Marketing branch and are responsible for delivering short and long-term marketing strategies to support growth in student numbers and research grants, contracts and consulting. The Brand and Acquisition team champions insight-driven marketing and excellence in channel planning with a focus on top of funnel marketing, brand and research reputation, lead generation and digital marketing excellence. The team comprises of:

    • Acquisition - drives performance and delivers value to the University through effective recruitment marketing plans and campaigns.
    • Brand - responsible for developing long-term marketing initiatives which elevate the awareness, reputation and perception of our University brand.
    • Creative - a team made up of talented graphic designers, copywriters and videographers, producing key recruitment, research and reputational resources for the University.
    • Digital Marketing - a centre of excellence for the University, creating compelling digital experiences focused on future students and their influencers.
    • Research and Innovationpivotal for managing and advancing the University’s research reputation through campaigns, initiatives and engaging content pieces.

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  • Marketing Operations

    The Marketing Operations team ensure capabilities and services across;

    • web operations,
    • events and
    • three faculty marketing and recruitment teams.

    Effective operations means delivering the expertise and resources that enable other departments to do their job and achieve their goals.

    Marketing Operations is an enabler and partner to drive shared initiatives, most notably with the faculties and colleagues across the branch. This team is integral to outstanding service delivery and fostering effective collaboration and is central to delivering reputation and revenue objectives for the University.

    The team includes:

    • Events - partners with key areas across the University to design, deliver and lead high-quality events.
    • Faculty Spokes - drives faculty priorities and focuses on delivering local initiatives, support and advice to faculty stakeholders.
    • Web Operations - responsible for the governance and strategic direction of the University's website and provides critical web training to the wider University. 

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