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Our team members

  • Directorate

    Name Position
    Benjamin Grindlay Chief Marketing Officer
    Kate Utrata Executive Officer
    Nick Vozzo Administrative Support Officer
  • Brand and Acquisition


    Anita Head Director, Marketing


    Name Position
    Maria Mesa Head of Acquisition Marketing
    Belinda Fordham Marketing Manager, International
    Louise James Marketing Lead, PACE
    Nick Babadimas Marketing Lead, Domestic
    Michelle Coe Marketing Lead, Degree Finder and Publications
    Kat Sibly Marketing Officer, Acquisition content
    Laura Logan Digital Marketing Coordinator


    Name Position
    Jessica Douglas Marketing Manager, Brand
    Elizabeth Glenn Brand Coordinator
    Geena Ho Social Media Coordinator


    Name Position
      Head of Creative
    Matt Hardy Senior Copywriter
    Anna Jeavons Copywriter
    Chad Badman Graphic and Digital Designer
    Manuel Otero Borjas Senior Digital Producer
    Daniel Wise Videographer
      Production Designer
    Chris Tonkin Senior Graphic Designer
    Naomi Cain Graphic Designer

    Digital Marketing

    Name Position
    Emily Primavera Head of Digital Marketing
    Brooke Lee Digital Product Owner
    Emma Spoehr Analytics Solution Specialist
    Missy Husband Data Management Platform Solution Specialist
    Velibor Kecojevic Senior UI/UX Designer
    Steph Overton-Frith Performance & Optimisation Specialist
    Rachel Henley Digital Content Author
    Danny De Casto Campaign Author

    Research and Innovation

    Name Position
    Nick Drivas Marketing Manager, Research and Innovation
    Lauren Williams Senior Marketing Coordinator, Research and Innovation
    Isabel Perez Marketing Coordinator, HDR
    Sarah Matthews Marketing Officer, Research and Innovation
  • Marketing and Recruitment Operations


    Name Position
    Bev Bury Director, Operations


    Name Position
    Natalie Khoury Team Leader
      Events and Sponsorships Officer
    Ben French Events Officer - ABLE
    Caitlin Pole Events Officer - SET
    Stephen Tormet Events Officer - Health

    Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

    Name Position
    Kate Rees Manager, Marketing and Recruitment
      Senior Marketing and Communications Coordinator
    Beth Ottaway Marketing and Communications Coordinator
    Antonette Severino Product Specialist 

    Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

    Name Position
    Carly Spalding Manager, Marketing and Recruitment
    Madeleine Smith Senior Marketing and Communications Coordinator
    Sally Trinh Marketing and Communications Coordinator
    Tom Nelson Product Specialist

    Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

    Name Position
    Jessica Bosch Manager, Marketing and Recruitment
    Marcella Smyth Senior Marketing and Communications Coordinator
    Chelsea Allen Marketing Communications Coordinator
    Alice Arbuckle Product Specialist

    Future Student Experience

    Name Position
    Dan Powell Acting Head of Future Student Experience
    Name Position
    Dan Powell Customer Experience Manager
    Michael Wong Future Student Experience Officer
    Craig Riddell Future Student Conversion Coordinator
    Kate Butler Future Student Conversion Officer
    Tim Harvey Future Student Communications Coordinator
    Name Position
    Tom Brown Team Leader, Future Student Enquiries
    Tarry Wei Future Student Advisor
    Takila Wood Future Student Advisor
    David Nguyen Future Student Advisor
    Chris Lofts Future Student Advisor
    Val Dadivas Future Student Advisor

    Web Operations

    Name Position
    Richard Best Manager, Web Operations
    Alwin Png Web and Digital Coordinator
    Dan McCafferty Web and Digital Coordinator
    Lauren Champs Web and Digital Coordinator
    Sabina Clarke Web and Digital Coordinator
    Sarah Cervone Web and Digital Coordinator
  • Domestic Recruitment


    Young-ae Taylor Director, Domestic Recruitment

    Domestic Partnerships and Engagement

    Name Position
    Jessica Perry Lead, Domestic Projects and Partnerships
    Hannah Saxon Project Officer

    Outreach and Engagement

    Name Position
    Wee-Ching Kong Lead, Outreach and Recruitment
    Connor McKinnon Outreach Coordinator
    Nadine van der Nest Outreach Coordinator
    Michelle McLeod Teacher in Residence Program Coordinator

    Postgraduate Recruitment

    Name Position
    Candice Davis Lead, Domestic Postgraduate Recruitment
    Jasmina Mujkic Postgraduate Recruitment Specialist

    Undergraduate Recruitment

    Name  Position
    Kahlia Green Lead, Domestic Undergraduate Recruitment
    Joel Driver Student Recruitment Coordinator
    Peta Cleary Student Recruitment Coordinator
    Sasha Champion Student Recruitment Coordinator
    Tia Milohis Student Recruitment Coordinator
    Phoebe Chilman Program Coordinator (EMRSO)
  • International Recruitment


    Michael Aust Director, International Recruitment

    Agency Partnership

    Name Position
    Rebekah Palmer Agency Partners Coordinator
    Maricar Cerna Agency Partners Officer


    Name Position
    Anup Shrestha Manager, Student Recruitment (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan)
    Louise Zhang Manager, Student Recruitment (China)
    Queenie Zhang Manager, Student Recruitment (China)
    Toby Tang Manager, Student Recruitment (China)
    Hemant Singh Manager, Student Recruitment (India)
    Kavesh Nagpal Manager, Student Recruitment (India)
    Swati Thakur Manager, Student Recruitment (India)
    Dorcas Muthoni Mbugua Manager, Student Recruitment (Africa)
    Harris Gunawan Manager, Student Recruitment (Indonesia & Philippines)
    Stephanie Cheah Manager, Student Recruitment (Malaysia & Singapore)
    Thao Pham Manager, Student Recruitment (Vietnam & Cambodia)

    Regional Management

    Name Position
    Shirley Yeo Regional Manager (Oceania)
    Vivek Arora Regional Manager (South East Asia, Europe, and Americas)
    Eng Tan Regional Manager (East and Central Asia (excl. China), Russia)
    Zhuo Li Regional Manager (China)
    Nischint Vora Regional Manager (South Asia, Middle East and Africa)
    Sherrie Tang International Recruitment Officer (Schools)