Each year, Marketing and Recruitment produces a range of material on behalf of the University, across student recruitment, research, international and corporate publications.

This involves project managing the content, design, production, delivery and distribution.

Speak to us about how you can use or contribute to the content in these publications. You may be able to highlight a University service, promote a program or publicise your research.

We also maintain a writing style guide, which helps provide guidelines on how to write in the Adelaide voice.


The University of Adelaide produces many publications for its students, as well as a range of publications designed for a more general audience. See some of our work on our publications website. 


Writing style guide

The University's writing style guide provides recommendations on how corporate, branded marketing material should be presented in written form.

Writing style guide

Please note this content is restricted to University staff.

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If you need to get in touch with marketing about your project, please reach out to your faculty marketing team.

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