Drop-In Centre

The MLC Drop-In Centre is a relaxed place where you can come to talk with friendly tutors about learning and using maths for your coursework.

    The MLC Drop-In Centre is available for all students, regardless of the course you are studying. We exist for students studying courses that are part of a University of Adelaide degree/diploma program, especially if you are needing or using maths for the first time.

    COVID-19 update

    Please note that due to COVID-19, MLC Drop-In Support is now offered online via a MyUni course discussion board and Zoom.

    Currently the MLC Drop-In Centre is run only online via the Discussion forum in a MyUni course which you can self-enrol below.


    In the Discussion board, join in with an existing discussion or start your own.  Between 10am and 4pm, the MLC tutors will reply to posts in the discussion board. They will ask you questions to help clarify exactly what mathematical concepts and skills you want to learn. The tutors will give advice on how to learn, and encourage you as they help you to figure things out. They will not tell you direct answers to assignment questions.

    Throughout the day (between 10am and 4pm Adelaide time), tutors will schedule meetings up to half an hour long through Zoom, based on the discussions that are popular at that time. This means you can talk with a tutor live through the Zoom app. Links to upcoming and active Zoom meetings will be posted inside the relevant discussions.

    It is a good idea to have open on your screen your course notes, your current assignment instructions, and any other resources you think might be useful to you. If you plan to participate in a Zoom meeting, it is a good idea to test your audio prior to joining the session.

      Normal opening hours

      10.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday (Adelaide time)

      The MLC mentors will respond to discussion board posts and schedule Zoom meetings during regular opening hours.

      We aim to help you develop

      • the confidence and skills to learn new maths concepts on your own
      • the confidence and skills to solve new maths problems on your own
      • the confidence and skills to communicate maths clearly on your own
      • the appropriate maths background knowledge for your Uni study