Psychology III

Resources for Level 3 Psychology courses

  • Doing Research in Psychology Advanced (DRIPA)
  • Perception and Cognition
  • Health and Lifespan Development Psychology

These resources are useful for the statistics that appears in various third year Pscyhology courses.

MLC Drop-In Centre

Students in Psychology can definitely visit the MLC Drop-In Centre  to talk about any statistics that appears in their Psychology courses. Not everyone is an expert in statistics, so make sure you bring all your course resources with you and the staff will help you find the information you need. Also, we are not experts in RStudio. Your school has provided separate drop-in support for RStudio.

Using RStudio

The School of Pychology has created a number of useful guides to using the program RStudio to analyse statistics. They have graciously allowed the MLC to make them available here on our website. Note there will be further instructions on using R inside your DRIP course materials.

Statistics and choosing what statistics to do

The following lectures and associated resources were created for Medical students to help them learn to choose what statistical method to do in what research/data situation. You may find them helpful in your Psychology courses.

Making Sense of Statistics lectures and resources

Visiting to discuss research project proposals

For statistics questions in Doing Research & Psychology (Advanced), you can drop into the MLC whenever it is open.

You can also visit the MLC to discuss research project proposals. However, be aware that this discussion can sometimes be complex, and not all of the MLC staff are well-versed in the use of statistics for research. So, in general, it is better to email in advance to make an appointment. We have organised to have appointments available 1pm-4pm Thursdays and 11am-2pm Fridays. (It is also possible to do other times, if these are not possible for you.)

To make an appointment, email, and make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure the subject of the email clearly states you want an appointment for medicine third year.
  • Suggest several days and times you will be available.
  • Say whether you prefer to meet in the MLC face-to-face, or online over Zoom.
  • Say whether you want to discuss the research proposal, critical appraisal or both.
  • Please include as much information as possible about the proposed research such as:
    • The research question(s)
    • How you plan to choose participants for the study
    • What will be done to the participants
    • What information you will record about the participants
    • Ideas you already have for how you might analyse the data