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Whether you want to place a one-off ad, or embark on a comprehensive campaign, our team can assist.

We can help you decide on the most effective channel and strategy and direct you how to book the media through our agency contacts. We’ll also assist with templates, design, message review and scheduling.

Because we have visibility of all University advertising, we can make sure each ad is aligned with a university-wide plan and we can provide expert advice on performance.

  • Tips for Planning Your Advertising

    The major advertising channels used by the University are:

    • Print media
    • Digital media
    • Social media
    • Search

    The first step in undertaking advertising is to consider how it will contribute to your objectives. This requires a clear understanding of your:

    • Business objectives: What do you hope to achieve through advertising?
    • Target market(s): Who are they and what media do they consume?
    • Preferred advertising channels: Which options are the most appropriate for reaching your target market? If you are not sure you might consider asking your media buyer for advice when you come to the media briefing stage.
    • Budget: What budget can you make available to invest in achieving this business objective?
    • Advertising message:- What do you want to communicate?
    • Desired action/response:- What do you want your target market to do as a result of having received your message?
    • Results > How will you measure whether your business objective has been achieved? How will you measure the return on your investment?

    Once this is mapped out, you are ready to begin your media planning.

    Next steps include:

    • Media briefing scheduling and booking
    • Artwork development
    • Review approve and dispatch artwork (Don’t forget to allow at least 24 hours for dispatch),
    • Monitoring and reporting

    For more detail and guidance on these steps, please contact us.

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