Research Tuesdays

Research Tuesdays: Compulsory Voting

As the world inches toward a ‘new normal’ in the wake of COVID-19, many questions are being asked about how our society could and should look.

Two leading University of Adelaide researchers will explore if and how compulsory voting empowers and supports important democratic ideals—such as freedom of speech—or inadvertently encourages populism and an ill-informed electorate.


Research Tuesday's - Memory Restored

Among those coping with depression and schizophrenia for example—around 6% and 1% of our population respectively—it’s frequently and strongly associated with reduced quality of life and increased risk of homelessness.

Adding to the bleak outlook, there are currently no effective treatments for memory impairment. But research at the University of Adelaide could be showing a way forward. Our team is solving the mystery of how the brain stores memories; how those processes are affected by mental illness; and how they can be restored using personalised, non-invasive brain stimulation.


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