Off-World Human and Automated Exploration

Mars landscape


Join us for a unique panel session looking at the challenges of off-world human and automated exploration.

Drawing on experts in their fields from the University of Adelaide’s Deep Space Habitation Group, the panel will explore a range of topics including:

• The importance of off-world exploration
• Relationship between humans and machines
• Design and functionality
• Technology, pushing the boundaries


Professor Anna Ma-Wyatt

Anna is a Professor in the School of Psychology, and founder of the Active Vision Lab. Anna studied perception and behavioural neuroscience because she wanted to understand the mechanisms underlying human behaviour. Anna’s work continues in this area looking at how humans use representations of visual space to plan and update movements.

Professor Scott Smith
Scott is Professor of Structural Engineering with research interests including off-Earth construction, application of advanced materials for the repair and strengthening of existing concrete, metallic and timber infrastructure, sustainable construction materials (i.e. bamboo, green concrete), and engineering education.

Associate Professor Rini Akmeliawati
Rini is an Associate Professor with the School of Mechanical Engineering. Her research interests include control systems design (theory and applications), system modelling and identification, robotics, intelligent mechatronics systems, and (bio) signal/image processing. She is a Fellow of Engineers Australia and a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Associate Professor John Culton
John is the Director of the Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources. He has extensive international experience within defence policy, security cooperation, space and intelligence sectors, and as a senior diplomat and US Department of Defence leader. Most recently, John has been focused on the role of technology, policy and law in the coming commercial development of the Earth-Moon system.

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