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PACE Courses

Explore PACE's range of face to face and online short courses, designed to meet personal and professional lifelong educational needs to keep you moving forward in your career.

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The Discovery Pod

Welcome to The Discovery Pod, where we talk to leading experts from the University of Adelaide about solutions to society's most pressing challenges. 

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2022 School of Public Health Research Symposium

You are invited to spend the day with the School of Public Health’s researchers at our annual Research Symposium, which showcases the diversity of research in public health.

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Becoming mindful, grateful, optimistic

A 30-minute webinar meditation session designed to underline the benefits of gratitude and optimism for healthy living. Thursday 1 December from 12 noon. Book online

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What's happening in international higher education

On Thursday 1 December from 3:00pm-4:30pm the University of Adelaide will host an informative talk ‘What’s happening in the international higher education sector’ featuring the Honourable Phil Honeywood, Chief Executive Officer at International Education Association of Australia (IEAA). The talk will provide insight into the current landscape of international education and will be followed by a Q&A session.

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School of Humanities seminar

Objectivity, the Ideal of Value-Free Science, and Rudner’s Objection presented by Professor Paul Hoyningen-Huene (Universität Zürich) who will be discussing values and science, objectivity, scientific research programs, and related topics.

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Waite Research Institute Research Showcase

The Waite Research Institute is hosting the Research Showcase on Monday 5th December at the National Wine Centre to celebrate 2022 member research activities and successes.

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University Awards for Outstanding Achievement

Join us at the University Awards for Outstanding Achievement to hear and celebrate the diverse and exceptional successes of University staff and titleholders.

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Diplomacy at the Bar: Making a career out of international relations

Join John Bruni, founder and CEO of SAGE International, and David Olney, analyst, consultant, lecturer and podcaster, as they reflect on their own experience in international relations, and discuss how to make a career out of international relations and related areas outside of academia.

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Live virtual Q&A

Nedd Brockmann, cross country runner and Aussie inspiration joins BUPA for a live Q&A session. Nedd raised awareness and money for homelessness by running from Perth to Bondi Beach. Wednesday 7 December, 12 pm (AEDT). Register here.

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