Campus Walking Challenge

This April we are trialing the 10,000 steps online walking challenge. This is a 'time-out' tournament whereby staff members will aim to complete the virtual walk from Waite Campus to North Terrace to Roseworthy, back to North Terrace and finish at Waite Campus - a total of 138kms; from Monday 3 April to Sunday 30 April.

All you need is a device to track your daily steps (the University is not providing pedometers); and then you can either manually enter your steps each day; or connect with the 10,000 steps app  (see Tracker Connections tab) to have your steps recorded automatically via your device. Examples of tracking devices are: Apple Health, Garmin, Fitbit, Google Fit.

You may also record other activities using this conversion table. 

How will I know if I've achieved the distance?

Some activity trackers track distance, and some track steps, and some both.

As the 10,000 steps platform tracks steps we will be entering steps.

Our average step approx. conversion is:

0.8 m = 1 step, or 1250 steps = 1,000 m (1km).


10,000 steps * 1.25 = 12,500 m (12.5km).

Or the other way around:

12,500 m * 0.8 = 10,000 steps


When entering steps, staff members will need to achieve 110,400 steps by 30 April to have covered the 138kms.

So, it will challenge many to achieve the distance in time, however the overall aim is to get moving more during April.


Sign me up, I'm in!

Follow these steps:

1. Register as a Participant  with 10,000 steps (please use your University email address)

2. Email to notify you have registered for the challenge

3. You will then be added to the Campus Challenge tournament

4. Begin logging your daily steps from Monday 3 April and see your progress against other staff members.


When do registrations close?

Your last day to register online and then email is SUNDAY 2 APRIL.

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