Lloyd Cox Memorial Lecture

Mary Herbert

Professor Mary Herbert

Maternal transmission - a tale of two genomes presented by Professor Mary Herbert (Monash University). This event honours and remembers Professor Lloyd Cox, a highly-respected leader in the field of reproductive health and medicine more broadly. Wednesday 6 September, 5.30–7.30 pm. National Wine Centre, Adelaide. Tickets.

Professor Mary Herbert is a pioneering researcher who combines basic biology with clinical research that is at the forefront of technology in reducing the risk of inherited mitochondrial disease. In this public lecture, she will provide an overview of her team’s work on the process of meiotic maturation in oocytes and on their development of clinically relevant methodologies to uncouple transmission of the maternal nuclear and mitochondrial genomes. Their work has been essential for the development of the first UK program of mitochondrial replacement treatment for inherited mitochondrial disease. In her new role as Professor of Reproductive Biology at Monash University, Professor Herbert will make a leading contribution to the MitoHope initiative to pilot mitochondrial replacement treatment here in Australia.

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