Making a Difference: Gender analysis and the South Australian Budget

Budgets matter because they turn government promises into concrete actions. In 2023 the South Australian government took a first step to adopt gender-responsive budgeting and re-instated a Women’s Budget Statement in its budget papers. As the South Australian government works towards an Equality Bill it is critical to turn attention to how this promise can be furthered through the budget and its processes.

Gender-responsive budgeting involves assessing the impact of government spending and revenue raising policies on women and men and using these analyses to inform changes that will promote gender equality. Much of the focus on implementing gender-responsive budgeting has been on governments. However, research and practice has shown that gender-responsive budgeting works best when it draws on the academic and activist knowledges of researchers and civil society groups. Across South Australia researchers and civil society organisations have documented gender inequalities and gaps and identified alternative policies with a view to inspire, inform and influence political agendas, policies and budget processes.

This second gender-responsive budgeting Fay Gale seminar focusses on gender analysis and the South Australian budget and seeks to provide:

  • case studies that apply a gender lens to policies and budgets;
  • a framework linking gender analysis to the broader aspirations of gender-responsive budgeting;
  • a critical assessment of the potential of gender analysis to influence South Australia’s policy and budget outcomes.


Dr Sanjupta Vas Dev – Director of the Office for Women SA, member of the FGC Advisory Board

Dr Connie Musolino - Research Fellow at Stretton Health Equity in the Stretton Institute, FGC member

A/Prof Megan Moskos – Co-Director of the Future and Employment Skills Centre (FES), FGC member

E/Prof Rhonda Sharp -  University of South Australia, FGC Affiliate

Dr Monica Costa – Economist and Gender and Development Researcher, FGC Affiliate

Dr Alexandra Peralta – Senior Lecturer Centre for Global Food and Resources, member of the FGC Management Committee

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