Combatting child sex abuse: Research Tuesdays


Disturbingly, there is considerable evidence to suggest global demand for child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is growing.

This month’s Research Tuesdays presented by Dr Russell Brewer who is head of the University of Adelaide-based Digital Youth Research Laboratory, will explore the possible impact and unique challenges that biometric technology may have on the problem.

The volume of CSAM available online has surged in recent years, including both static imagery and, increasingly, pre-recorded and live-stream video,” said Dr Brewer.

Policing this pernicious problem is a global priority. But it is no easy task, both because of the material’s sheer abundance and the damage that repeated exposure to it can cause to officers’ mental health.

Developing automated methods to detect and analyse CSAM, however, could shift the balance.

Advanced facial and voice recognition software now in development has the potential to dramatically increase law enforcement agencies’ ability to detect CSAM online as it appears – and accelerate investigations,” said Dr Brewer.

The presenter
Dr Russell Brewer is an Associate Professor in Criminology at the University of Adelaide and a member of the Stretton Institute. He leads the Digital Youth Research Laboratory, a research group based at the University with partners around the world. Russell’s research interests include cybercrime, youth delinquency, crime prevention and policing.

WHAT:                         Combatting child sex abuse

WHO:                           Dr Russell Brewer

WHERE:                       In person at the Braggs Lecture Theatre, University of Adelaide, North Terrace campus. Or register and watch the live Zoom webinar via the Research Tuesdays website or watch the live stream via the Research Tuesdays Facebook page.

WHEN:                         5.30–6.30 pm, Tuesday 7 June 2021

COST:                         Free event


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