About PASS

Peer Assisted Study Sessions or ‘PASS’ is an internationally accredited program aimed at assisting primarily first year coursework students in their transition into University.

PASS supports students by providing additional academic assistance. It is a student run study group external to lectures and tutorials, giving students a chance to address any possible questions that they may not have been able to raise during class hours. It is also a great way to build a network of support and friendship with other students in their class, and consolidate knowledge through fun group activities.

PASS sessions are free and facilitated by PASS leaders, who are current University of Adelaide students that have previously taken and excelled in their respective course.

PASS is not just for students who feel like they may be struggling. It is also for students who wish to get the most out of their studies. Studies completed by the Australasian Centre for PASS at the University of Wollongong have shown that 1 hour of PASS is equal to 4 hours of individual study.

  • Benefits of PASS

    • Reaching a higher grade band compared to students who do not attend PASS
    • Helps you solidify core concepts - 93% of students who attended PASS in 2022 told us PASS helped them feel more confident about their understanding of specific course material
    • Building friendships and a support base of peers who may also be facing difficulties
    • Access to a platform where class content can be broken down into an easy-to-understand format through fun group activities
    • Teaches you tips & tricks to succeed at University - combining what to learn with how to learn!
    • 85% of 2022 attendees said PASS helped them feel more confident about their ability to succeed at University
  • Testimonials

    Here’s what some of our attendees had to say about their experience with PASS: