Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to enrol?

    No! There is no formal enrolment or registration process required to attend a PASS session. You can attend any PASS session, at any time throughout the semester. Just remember to have your attendance recorded by the PASS leader at the session.

  • Do I have to pay?

    No, PASS is a free program and is entirely cost free to students.

  • Can I attend more than one session?

    PASS sessions run weekly, commencing in the second week of semester and you can attend as many sessions as you like.

  • Do I have to attend more than one session?

    You may attend as many or as few PASS sessions as you like.

  • What will a PASS session involve?

    PASS sessions predominantly consist of small group activities that target a range of learning styles, designed to simplify and reinforce course content. The content or session agenda can be set entirely by the students attending PASS. PASS leaders will try to be flexible to accommodate as many content requests as practicable.