Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to enrol?

    You won't need to formally enrol in a class, but you will need to follow the click through to MyUni, using the 'Join PASS Group' button, to register your interest in each course for which you would like to attend PASS sessions. Once in the PASS group, you will find information from your PASS Leader on how to access weekly sessions. After you've joined, you can attend a session, at any time throughout the semester. Just remember to add your ID number to the chat in your Zoom session to have your attendance recorded by the PASS leader at the session.

  • Do I have to pay?

    No, PASS is a free program and is entirely cost free to students.

  • Can I attend more than one session?

    PASS sessions run weekly, commencing in the second week of semester and you can attend as many sessions as you like.

  • Do I have to attend more than one session?

    You may attend as many or as few PASS sessions as you like.

  • What will a PASS session involve?

    PASS sessions predominantly consist of small group activities, designed to simplify and reinforce course content. The content or session agenda can be set entirely by the students attending PASS. PASS leaders will try to be flexible to accommodate as many content requests as practicable.

  • Is PASS online or face-to-face?


    PASS Leaders are running in-person PASS on the North Terrace Campus this semester, but if you are unable to attend campus for any reason, you can join the session online through Zoom. Check the timetable on the PASS website for room/day/time details, and join the MyUni PASS Groups for the specific courses you're currently enrolled in to find the Zoom links, passwords, and other resources.

  • How do I attend Peer Assisted Study Sessions on campus?

    If your course has PASS in Semester Two, it has in-person sessions on campus! You can find out more by checking the day/time/room details on the timetable here. No need to register or enrol, you can come along to any session from Week 2 to Week 12.

  • How do I attend Peer Assisted Study Sessions online?

    If PASS is supporting your course, then there is the option to join any session online. Go to the MyUni for each of your courses, navigate to 'Groups' and you will find information from your PASS Leader about PASS for that course, including day/time details, and Zoom links/passwords. 

    Once you have joined your PASS MyUni Group and have the day/time and Zoom details for your weekly sessions, simply log on to Zoom using your University Zoom account/ID, and you'll be admitted to the session by your PASS Leader at 10 minutes past the hour. It's best to log in a few minutes early so that you are ready to start when the PASS Leader opens the session.

    Once in the session, your PASS Leader will introduce themselves and you can meet your fellow students. The PASS Leader will set up activities for the group to work through together - these activities will be interactive and collaborative, and you'll have lots of chances to ask questions!

    Keep an eye on announcements from your Course Coordinators as they will pass on important information from PASS Leaders on MyUni at key points in the semester.

  • How can I keep up to date about what is happening with PASS?

    As well as joining the PASS MyUni Group for each of your courses, you can follow PASS on Instagram and Facebook to find out how PASS can support your studies, information about end-of-semester revision sessions and other PASS events, and also discover more about your PASS Leaders!