Information for PASS Attendees

Get started by finding the course titles on the timetable.

The PASS Timetable will be available on the Friday of Orientation Week. Once the timetable is published you can click through to join the MyUni Group for each of your courses that has PASS support!

You’ll then see the room, day and time details for attending weekly sessions on campus. You’ll also be able to click through to further information using the blue or red button for each relevant course.

This will take you to instructions for how you can locate and join the PASS Groups for your courses, where you can connect with your PASS Leader and be given more information about your PASS Leader, upcoming sessions and activities, and other helpful resources.

You can attend as many sessions as you like during the semester, whatever week it is, whether you have attended before or whether you’re brand new to PASS, just make sure you join the MyUni group to make sure you have all the information you need to attend or access sessions.

You’ll need to join the MyUni group for each of the PASS courses you’re wanting to attend.