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University History

The links below will take you to a selection of online resources that celebrate or commemorate the University and its people in ways that have shaped society at state, national and international levels.

Our HistoryThe University of Adelaide was founded with a noble goal: to prepare for South Australia young leaders shaped by education rather than birth or wealth in a settlement free of old world social and religious inequalities. Find out more

Our History

Our Pioneering WomenSome of the women of the University achieved great academic and personal honours, but others, whose stories have been unsung, have developed and maintained important services that have kept the University running. Find out more

Pioneering Women

Interactive TimelineThe Interactive Timeline shows some of the University's key historical milestones over the years. Find out more

Interactive Timeline

World War One RememberedAs is the case for all Australians whose family or friends were touched by the First World War, the University will forever remember the contributions and sacrifices of staff and alumni with equal parts pride and sadness. Find out more

World War One Remembered

Stories From Archives & Special CollectionsDrawing on the resources of both repositories, Stories links contemporary source documents and illustrations to present a fuller picture of the lives of Adelaide’s high achievers and achievements since 1874. Find out more

Stories From Archives and Special Collections

The Spirit of KnowledgeRob Linn's social history of the University not only describes the influence of architects and planners, but also of the academics, administrators and students whose lives were centred at the University. Find out more

The Spirit of Knowledge

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