Online Resources

The University Archives strives to make resources easily available to researchers by providing online access to digitised items and reference aids.

The links below will take you to a variety of digitised items. We acknowledge the work of our volunteer group members who contribute their time to undertake many digitisation tasks.

University Calendars

The University Calendar is published annually and until 1999 provided extensive information about the University, its operation, courses, students and staff. Now information is restricted to course rules and content.

Former Officers and Honorary Degree Holders

A quick guide to former Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors and other major office holders at the University since its establishment. It also includes a listing of honorary degree holders affiliated with the University.

Historical images

Our extensive photograph collection dates from the 1880s and includes people, buildings and events relating to the University as well as Roseworthy Agricultural College.

News cuttings

The news cuttings (Archives Series 163) date from the late 1800s and include articles relating to the University, as well as education issues more broadly.

Oral histories

Oral history recordings are available online for listening and include former staff, associates and interviews relating to Roseworthy and Waite agricultural institutions.

Registrar's correspondence

This series contains transcribed and digitised documents dating from 1872-1923, arranged primarily by subject and including records of the University Association, responsible for the establishment of the University.

Please see the University history page for other historical resources and information.