First Responder Training

Building your understanding and confidence in responding appropriately to sexual violence.

Responding appropriately to disclosures of sexual violence can seem challenging. People can lack confidence regarding what an informed, appropriate response would involve due to existing common stereotypes and misconceptions which can get in the way of a helpful response to disclosures of sexual violence. It can be challenging to step outside of the ways in which we as a community have been historically socialised to view this issue. Often the realities of sexual violence are counter-intuitive and require further examination in order to provide a validating, informed response to meet the needs and expectations of people who have been subjected to sexual violence recently or in the past.

This training will provide participants with an overview of the key understandings needed to enable participants to confidently respond to anyone who discloses that they have been subjected to sexual harassment or sexual assault and of how to access the resources available.

This training would be appropriate for a student group such as a club or association or a small staff group of up to 20 participants.

If you are interested in participating in arranging this training for your group, please contact Counselling Support on 8313 5663 or