SAiGENCI is an independent cancer-focused medical research institute located in South Australia; focusing on cancer research and clinical trials, which will include new cutting-edge technologies in immunotherapies and genomics.

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Featured projects

Towards the future: improving survivorship for children with brain cancer

Brain cancer is the most common solid tumour of childhood and most lethal type of cancer in Australian children.

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Unlocking the mysteries of prostate cancer

The SAiGENCI team is creating a comprehensive data repository and applying machine learning to uncover revolutionary insights for prostate cancer treatment and prevention.

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Leadership appointments

Professor Christopher Sweeney

Professor Christopher Sweeney is SAiGENCI's inaugural Director.

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Professor Melissa Davis

Professor Melissa Davis has been appointed Program Lead, Computational Systems Oncology.

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Professor Jose Polo

Professor Jose Polo has been appointed Program Lead for Cancer Epigenetics in SAiGENCI to build the epigenetics capacity within the Institute.  Professor Polo will establish the Adelaide Centre for Epigenetics (ACE). 

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Professor Brendan Jenkins

Professor Brendan Jenkins joins SAiGENCI as Program Lead, Tumour Inflammation and Immunotherapy.

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Scientific appointments

Dr Qi Zhang

Dr Qi Zhang is SAiGENCI's first EMBL Australia Group Leader in the Cancer Epigenetics program.

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Dr Luke Isbel

Dr Luke Isbel holds a joint Group Leader appointment within the South Australian immunoGENomics Cancer Institute (SAiGENCI) and the Adelaide Centre for Epigenetics (ACE), where he will focus on the role of chromatin in development and in disease states like cancer.

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Dr Adrienne Sullivan

Dr Adrienne Sullivan holds a Group Leader joint appointment with the Adelaide Centre for Epigenetics (ACE) and SAiGENCI as Head of Development and Epigenetics Laboratory with ACE and SAiGENCI's Cancer Epigenetics program.

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Professor Lisa Butler

Professor Lisa Butler has been appointed Lead SAiGENCI Associate in SAHMRI, and Prostate Cancer Theme Lead in the Hormone Dependent Cancers Program. She will also lead SAiGENCI’s Graduate Program for HDR and Honours students.

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Associate Professor Luciano Martelotto

Associate Professor Luciano Martelotto has been appointed to establish a Single Cell and Spatial Technologies Lab for SAiGENCI.

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Adelaide Summer Research Scholarships with SAiGENCI

The University of Adelaide, Adelaide Summer Research Scholarships have been created to provide undergraduate students with experience working within a research team and to encourage students to consider postgraduate study leading to a career involving research.







Oz Single Cell 2023

Themes for this year include:



Australian Inflammation Centres 2023 Symposium

The Australian Inflammation Centres 2023 Symposium brings together six major sites for academic inflammation research to engage and connect inflammation researchers nationally and enhance research collaboration.

This concise two-day hybrid event is hosted in Brisbane by the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland and is co-organised by the six sites.

Registration for in-person attendance closes on Monday 16 October.

The sites represented are:


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