Resistance Prevention

This program will work on understanding the mechanisms underlying response and resistance to contemporary cancer therapies.  It is envisaged that laboratory findings will be translated directly from bench to bedside through clinical trials.

Hormone Dependent Cancers

Plans include recruitment of a senior leader focused on breast cancer to complement Professors Sweeney and Butler’s prostate cancer expertise.

Paediatric and Neuro-oncology 

The Paediatric and Neuro-oncology program will utilise the close links to the Braggs Comprehensive Cancer Centre, which is Australia’s first proton therapy centre and the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.  It is expected to be completed in late 2023 and treating approximately 700 patients per year from 2025.  The program’s research teams will also work closely with SAiGENCI affiliates such as Professor Jordan Hansford.


Professor Lisa Butler

Lead SAiGENCI Associate and Prostate Cancer Theme Lead

Dr Joanna Sundstrom

Research Support Officer

Prostate Cancer Research Group (SAHMRI)

Our internationally-recognised research is tackling localised and metastatic prostate cancer.

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