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Graduate Program

Training the next generation of cancer researchers

Are you looking for an opportunity to take the next step in your research career?

SAiGENCI is looking for talented, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who have a shared vision to undertake research that will lead to fewer patients developing cancer and improving the lives of those with cancer.

The Institute has a number of research projects on offer that are suitable for students at different stages of their scientific studies, including summer research placements for undergraduate students, Honours, Masters of Philosophy (M Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

SAiGENCI and the University of Adelaide will provide researchers early in their career with a stimulating and supportive environment to achieve highly ambitious research goals and build connections for their future careers.

Projects will be based at SAiGENCI within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Adelaide, in either the Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences (AHMS) building, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and/or the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN), all co-located on North Terrace in the Adelaide CBD.

See the 2024 SAiGENCI Student Research Opportunities booklet for program specific details, research group listings and available projects.  You may also be interested in developing your own project in conjunction with a SAiGENCI research supervisor.  View SAiGENCI’s Research Program’s here.

  • Higher degree by research opportunities – M Phil and PhD

    A higher degree by research (HDR) gives you the opportunity to deeply explore a specific research question full-time over two years for a Master of Philosophy (M Phil) or three to four years for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (or part-time equivalent).  The Adelaide Research Degrees webpage provides information on degree structures and admission requirements.

    If you have or will soon complete Honours or a Masters degree in a scientific field related to cancer research and you want to continue your research career, or you’re a clinician looking to add a research component to your skillset, a HDR with SAiGENCI might be for you. 

    What we will offer – The SAiGENCI Graduate Program

    The Institute will provide a unique training experience for its students including:

    • Immersion in a community of Australia’s leading cancer researchers with access to world class facilities and technologies;
    • Regular research forums and master classes from experts in the field;
    • Workshops for developing research and data analytical skills as well as career development, including the University of Adelaide Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) program;
    • SAiGENCI supplementary scholarship of $5,000 per annum for 2 years (M Phil) or up to 3.5 years (PhD);
    • Travel funding support for students to present their research at national and international conferences (up to $4,000 over the course of your degree);
    • For those enrolled in a PhD, opportunity to participate in a paid 3-month industry internship with a partner organisation.

    If you are a curious and passionate, high achieving individual who meets the University of Adelaide eligibility criteria and are committed to a two-year (M Phil) or three to four-year full-time (or equivalent) research project, we would like to hear from you!

    Please review the HDR section of the 2024 SAiGENCI Student Research Opportunities booklet to learn more about eligibility, identifying a SAiGENCI supervisor and project, scholarships and application process.

  • Honours opportunities

    Honours is a one-year qualification studied as an addition to an undergraduate degree.  Completing an Honours degree provides an opportunity to investigate an area of interest in greater detail whilst gaining hands on research experience.  To learn more about what is involved in an Honours degree, visit the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Honours page.

    Students interested in an Honours research project should first get in touch with a supervisor, who undertakes research in an area of interest, to see if they have the capacity to take on an Honours student.  Please include a copy of your CV, academic transcript and a brief description of why you are interested in doing Honours with the supervisor/in the area of research you have chosen.  

    Information on how to apply for Honours, including application deadlines, can be found on the University of Adelaide Honours page.

    SAiGENCI Honours scholarships valued at $4,000 will be on offer to students undertaking an Honours project in a SAiGENCI research group.  Information on scholarship eligibility and how to apply can be found on the University of Adelaide Scholarships page.  Search using ‘honours’ in the Degree field and ‘Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences’ in the Available In field.  As a guide, scholarship applications typically close in late January each year.

    Please note applying for entry to Honours and Honours scholarship applications are two separate processes.

  • Summer research placements

    Six week summer research placements are a great opportunity for current undergraduate students to get a taste of what it is like to work in a research environment.  These opportunities are open to University of Adelaide students and those currently enrolled at other Australian universities.

    Students interested in a summer research placement should first get in touch with a supervisor, who works on a project of interest, to see if they have the capacity to host a student for six weeks over the summer semester.  Please include a copy of your CV, academic transcript and a brief description of why you are interested in doing a summer research placement with the supervisor/in the area of research you have chosen.  

    Students can then apply for an Adelaide Summer Research Scholarship, with successful students receiving a one-off payment of $1,200.

    As a guide, applications open around July and close in September each year.  Please refer to the Adelaide Summer Research Scholarships website for current dates, full eligibility and application information.

Queries relating to any of the above SAiGENCI student research opportunities can be directed to:

Joanna Sundstrom

SAiGENCI Graduate Program