Honours is generally a one-year qualification taken after an undergraduate degree and involves further study in a particular discipline area.

In some areas, Honours is available as part of the final year of a four year undergraduate degree. You can check this in Degree Finder.

Honours is a great way to investigate a subject of interest in greater detail. Honours is recognised as a prestigious qualification that develops further research, writing and organisational skills and demonstrates your ability to undertake high-level study.

To search for an Honours program, visit the Faculty website below or the Degree Finder.


The University offers scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students. These scholarships, as well as many others funded by industry and non-profit organisations are available to potential and currently enrolled students.

If you are ready to apply for an Honours Program

1. Submit your application to:

2. Then complete the Honours Assessment Form.

If you are applying through SATAC, you will need your SATAC ID to complete the form.

Feedback for your application

Firm offers will be sent five working days after the publication of results for Semesters 1 and 2.