Higher Education Transfer

Keen to start down a fresh new study or career path with the University of Adelaide from semester 2, 2019? Whether you’re currently studying with another institution or already here, we can help you make it happen.

  • Transferring from another institution

    There are just three easy steps:

    Depending on if, and how long, you’ve been studying, SATAC will then either assess:

    • Any qualifications you may have, including Year 12 (SACE or equivalent from elsewhere), TAFE / other VET courses or the STAT, or possibly your semester 1, 2019 grade point average (GPA) once final results are released in July
      This applies if, by the end of semester 1, you will have been studying full-time (or part-time equivalent) for anywhere from six months to two years.

    • Your GPA alone
      This applies if you’ve studied full-time (or part-time equivalent) at the tertiary level for more than two years. In this case, you’ll find out if you’re successful after receiving your semester 1 results.

    If you’re eligible for entry based any non-GPA qualification(s), you could have an offer as early as April! If not, however, and your semester 1 GPA does need to be considered, you’ll find out if you’re successful after semester 1 results are finalised (usually mid July).

  • You may even receive course credit

    If you’re invited to transfer from another institution into a University of Adelaide degree, you could be eligible to receive credit for your completed study.

    For an indication, try our credit transfer calculator. Or, to formally apply, visit the SATAC website.

  • Transferring from one Adelaide degree to another

    Are you already studying at the University of Adelaide, but keen to switch into another of our degrees? There’s every chance you can do so and be ready to start your new qualification from semester 2, 2019.

    Simply choose your preferred degree, then apply to transfer. Applications open April 1 2019.

  • Preference not available?

    If the degree you’d like to transfer into doesn’t appear to be available for semester 2, 2019 entry on the SATAC website, or on our internal transfer form, just let us know.

    We’ll do everything we can to help you on your preferred career path.