Societal Wellbeing Careers

Societal wellbeing is interested in the quality of life in our community. From economic growth to the design of housing and liveable cities. Quality education. Fairness and equity in our law and social policies. Ensuring that we can all live and progress in diverse, socially connected communities.

A University of Adelaide degree can help you contribute to the wellbeing of society across a broad range of fields. We are the top ranked university in South Australia for law, arts and humanities. We’re in the world top 100 for veterinary sciences, accounting and finance, philosophy and anthropology. The only university with a QS ranking for veterinary sciences. Our MBA is ranked 2nd in Australia by AFR Boss Magazine.

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  • Architect or planner 
    Plan and design buildings, landscapes and urban spaces. Be employed as an architect, conservation consultant, construction manager or urban planner.


  • Community development officer 
    Work in areas such as psychology, rehabilitation and social work. They help clients with counselling issues, leading and organising group activities. May be employed in child and adult support agencies or community health centres.


  • Diplomat 
    Work on policy of a country’s foreign policy and trade interests.


  • Economist 
    Conduct research and analysis on behalf of government, banks, insurance companies, trade unions, private consulting firms.



  • Ministerial adviser 
    Work closely with government ministers, researching, providing advice and writing speeches.


  • Veterinarian 
    Skilled in the health, disease and care of all animals. Accredited to practice animal surgery and medicine. Employment may be found in veterinary practices, universities, and the biosecurity and aquaculture industries.


  • Welfare officer / counsellor 
    Field workers, community health workers, counsellors, policy managers. Working for government, councils, hospitals, health centres, community groups and private practice.


  • Zookeeper 
    Monitor the health status and behaviours of animals in their care. Employed in zoos and wildlife parks, they care for animals, look after zoo exhibits and equipment.