Cross-institutional Study (Inbound)

Students from other institutions wishing to undertake courses at the University of Adelaide should submit an application for cross-institutional study (inbound).

Students should read the information on this page prior to commencing an application.

University of Adelaide students planning to enrol on a cross-institutional basis at another institution, should consult their faculty/school and complete an outbound form.

Applications can be submitted at any time for the current academic year, but should not be submitted prior to the publishing of course offerings.

To be ready to enrol before teaching starts, applications should be submitted well ahead of and no later than 1 week prior to classes starting for the relevant teaching period. Teaching period dates can be found at Important University Dates.

Late applications will be considered on a case by case basis and, if approved, may require students to follow the Late Enrolment process.

If the course you are applying for is a Study Tour or has an overseas component, please only lodge your application for Cross-institutional Study after your application has been considered by Study Overseas and you have received a conditional offer. For any queries about available programs overseas, please contact Study Overseas.

Find your course/s

All available University of Adelaide courses can be found by searching Course Planner. You should note the critical details, i.e. course code and name, e.g. MATHS 1011 Mathematics 1A. You will also find applicable fees here.

You should also note if the course has any prerequisites and/or restrictions.

Organise your supporting documents/evidence

If the course/s you wish to take has any prerequisites and/or restrictions, you may not be eligible to take the course. However, if you feel your academic background/status meets any criteria, you will need to submit supporting documentation with your application. This would usually be an academic transcript showing the details of your prior/current study, with results.

If you have communicated directly with the Course Coordinator of the University of Adelaide course/s and have sought their advice/approval, you should attach this correspondence also.

Applications for courses without appropriate evidence will not be processed.

Seek approval from your home institution

Before applying to the University of Adelaide, you will first need to seek approval from your home institution – i.e. the university where you are currently studying. Your home institution may also require evidence of the University of Adelaide's approval for you to enrol. If so, please upload your home institution's application form (once approved by them) as part of your application to us. If your enrolment is approved, we will then return the endorsed form to you.

Approval from your home institution must explicitly state the following:

  • The University of Adelaide courses that you are approved to study
  • The degree towards which these courses will count
  • Confirmation that your fees are grandfathered or not for this degree at your home institution
  • The year/date of approval – should not dated be more than 6 months prior to relevant teaching period
  • The name and contact details of approving staff member

Examples of acceptable evidence – must include all the above information:

  • A signed application form from your home institution
  • An email from your home institution
  • Confirmation of Enrolment from your home institution

Applications for cross institutional study without home institution approval will not be processed.

If you are approved to study cross institutionally at the University of Adelaide, you will receive an approval email at the address provided in your application. You will also receive a University of Adelaide identification number, and instructions on how to activate your account.

You will then be responsible for enrolling yourself in the approved course/s. Information on how to enrol can be found on the University’s enrolment website. You are also responsible for unenrolling if you change your mind about studying – you should note the relevant Critical Dates regarding enrolment and fee liability, detailed at Important University Dates.

Conditions of admission

Cross-institutional students are subject to the same Statutes, Regulations, Rules and Policies and Student Charter as apply to students enrolled in an award course at the University of Adelaide.  These Statutes, Regulations, Rules and Policies and Student Charter relate to attendance at classes, performance or work, discipline, conduct and progress and are to be found in the University’s publications, including (but not limited to) the following websites:

If a cross-institutional student is subsequently admitted to a program leading to an award at the University of Adelaide, courses passed while enrolled on a cross-institutional basis may only be counted towards an award if specifically approved by the relevant Faculty or School.

It is your responsibility to relay results to your home institution to confirm your credit/status for those course/s. You may be required to provide an official transcript, which can be ordered via Ask Adelaide.

Invoices and Commonwealth Assistance Notices

All invoices and Commonwealth Assistance Notices are generated electronically through Access Adelaide.  Emails are sent to University of Adelaide student campus email accounts advising when an invoice/notice is available.


If you are a Commonwealth Supported student you must complete a Request for Commonwealth Support and HECS-HELP section when you enrol online. This includes students who are New Zealand Citizens and Permanent Residents who are eligible to enrol as Commonwealth Supported students. 

Domestic fee paying students may be eligible to apply for FEE-HELP assistance by completing the Request for FEE-HELP Assistance section when you enrol online.

If you hold a Commonwealth Supported place at your home institution, please be aware you may still be considered a domestic fee paying student at the University of Adelaide.

International students will be liable for international tuition fees.

For information about fees and invoices please visit Student Finance.


If you wish to withdraw from your cross-institutional course, you must drop the course online at Access Adelaide before the relevant census date. Failure to do so will incur charges and possible system generated result eg Withdraw Fail. Information on census dates for courses in teaching sessions, as well as Withdraw No Fail dates and other critical dates is available at Important University Dates.