Academic Progress

Academic progress is the University's process for monitoring academic performance of students undertaking studies in undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs. This process is used to identify students who are experiencing difficulties in their studies as early as possible to provide advice or support.

The Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy provides the framework for identifying and assisting coursework students whose academic performance falls below set standards.

Satisfactory academic progress

To make satisfactory academic progress, students must:

  • pass more than 50% of the units in which they have enrolled in a review period
  • not fail the same course for a second or subsequent time.

Review periods

The review period will occur after the results for additional assessments and replacement exams have been published. There are three review periods in an academic year and they are:

  • Review Period 1 - Summer School, Semester 1, Trimester 1, Quadmester 1 & 2, Term 1 & 2
  • Review Period 2 - Winter School, Semester 2, Trimester 2 & 3, Quadmester 2 & 3, Term 3 & 4, Full Year 2
  • Review Period 3 - Year long period which concludes after an annual exam.

Risk status

If a student does not make satisfactory academic progress, they will receive a change to their risk status at the end of a review period. The different risk levels are:

  • Risk 1 - the first time a student is picked up as risk.
  • Risk 2 - the second time a student is picked up as risk.
  • Unsatisfactory - the third time a student is picked up as risk who will be required to show cause to remain in their program.
  • There are only two risk levels for students enrolled in yearly programs namely Risk 1 and Unsatisfactory.

Show cause

When a student's risk level changes to Unsatisfactory, they will be sent an Intention to Exclude notification and are required to 'Show Cause'. Students will be required to submit in writing why they should not be excluded from their program. Students can request support from the Education and Welfare Officers in Student Care.

Note: From the date of the Intention to Exclude notification, a student will not be able to seek an internal transfer or apply for a place in another program. The AP process will take precedence.

Show cause outcomes

Students who have submitted 'Show Cause' will be invited to attend a Show Cause Committee Meeting where they can discuss their case in person. After the meeting the committee will recommend an outcome to the Executive Dean who will make the final decision. The outcome will be sent to the student within 5 business days of the meeting and can range from:

  • Conditional re-enrolment - student may be permitted to remain in their program but will be required to meet conditions that will be applied when they next enrol.
  • Leave of Absence.
  • Exclusion - a student may be excluded from their program.

Student Support Services

The University offers a wide range of support services to help students maintain satisfactory progress.

  • Self-reflective survey. When students are identified as risk 1 or risk 2 they are strongly encouraged to complete the self-reflective survey to help identify areas where improvements can be made.
  • Program advice. Each faculty has program advisors who are available to support students with advice and course selection.
  • Other university services offer support in mathematics, language or confidential student care.
  • Indigenous students are encouraged to contact the Student Support Officer in Wirltu Yarlu on 8313 3623 who can provide assistance with a study plan, free tutoring service or counselling on any matters that may impact their academic success.
  • International students, in addition to contacting their Faculty, can speak to staff in International Student Support regarding their current student visa arrangements.

For students who have received an Intention to Exclude notification, the summary sheet (pdf file) will provide useful information.

The frequently asked questions (pdf file) related to this policy will hopefully answer your queries about the process. You can print a pdf version (pdf file) for reference. Further information can be provided by your Faculty.

Further details are available at Student Affairs.