System Maintenance

Major maintenance windows - 2021

Major maintenance will be scheduled for the second Sunday of every month. The Saturday of the same weekend may be utilised for larger bodies of work.

Note: some disruptions may occur to services and online activities for students so please plan accordingly.

The following exceptions apply:

- January cancelled to avoid post-shutdown and VSS activities
- November cancelled due to Exams
- December cancelled due to Enrolments.

The dates for the Major Maintenance Windows are as follows:

Title Dates
MMW February Sat 13 - Sun 14 February
MMW March Sat 13 - Sun 14 March
MMW April Sat 10 - Sun 11 April
MMW May Sat 8 - Sun 9 May
MMW June Sat 12 - Sun 13 June
MMW July Sat 10 - Sun 11 July
MMW August Sat 7 - Sun 8 August
MMW September Sat 11 - Sun 12 September
MMW October Sat 9 - Sun 10 October

An All-Student email will be sent to students about these outages approximately 4 days prior to event.