When can I enrol?

Specific dates and times allocated to programs are displayed separately for commecing and continuing undergraduate and postgraduate students in the links below.

You can start enrolling into courses from early December, and continue to amend your enrolment up to the last day to enrol online. Ensure you check critical dates that apply to your studies because you will be charged fees for the courses listed on your academic record at census date.

Please recheck the open date and time for your program closer to the enrolment period as some details may have changed since originally published.

If you are a continuing student, and have successfully applied for an internal transfer to another program, you will be able to enrol into your new program when it opens for enrolment.

You can enrol from any computer with internet access either on or off campus. Available facilities on campus include Faculty and School computer labs, Hub Central, and Barr Smith Library. Enter an 'a' before your id number e.g. a1234567 to access online services.

Enrolment periods

Opening weeks for online enrolments. Specific program enrolment dates can be found below.

  • Commencing students

    Most academic programs offer enrolment advice to familiarise you with the structure of your degree and the choice of courses available. Faculties will provide advice online at their website, and may also offer a face-to-face enrolment session. You are strongly encouraged to view and attend advice relevant to your program.

    Students who receive an offer from SATAC should check their Faculty's website for information. If an enrolment advice session is offered, you can view the Campus map to check locations of advice sessions at campuses and maps.

    Note: If you received a late offer, please check your Faculty and Schools website for advice.

  • Continuing students

    If you are currently undertaking more than one program, you can enrol in classes for each program once it opens.

    Programs are listed in alphabetical order – make sure you select the correct link as the open times may be different for continuing and commencing students in the same program.

  • Summer and Winter School students

    Taking courses in Summer or Winter School is a great way to accelerate your study, catch up on missed courses or broaden your educational experience.

    Courses are taught in intensive mode - normally over a period of 2 - 4 weeks and are available across Faculties and at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

    You can enrol in 1 or 2 courses (3 or 6 units). Please be aware that 6 units is the equivalent to half a full-time semester workload.

    Please refer to the Course Planner to search for available courses.