University Enrolment

Postgraduate and Undergraduate coursework students are responsible for their own enrolment and this site will provide you with helpful advice about enrolling online.

You should enrol in all the relevant semesters/terms for the full academic year and ensure that the courses you enrol into meet your program rules. Enrolment in Postgraduate and Undergraduate Coursework programs opens progressively from Monday 3 December 2018. It is important that you take action by the relevant Census dates. Any outstanding financial obligations to the University need to be paid before you can enrol. Consult your Faculty or School website for advice on course selection to plan your timetable, and make sure you complete your online checklist. Ensure that all information you provide about enrolments, personal or other matters is correct, complete and accurate. Keep your contact details up to date so that the University can reach you for normal business issues, or your emergency contact in case of an emergency. Information collected is protected under the student privacy statement.

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For support with enrolments, call the Enrolment Hotline on 8313 3833, or visit staff at Ask Adelaide, Hub Central, North Terrace Campus.

Important: Carefully check the census date for each course in which you enrol and finalise your enrolment in each term well before the relevant add and drop dates. If you are enrolled in a course at the census date, it will appear on your academic record and you will incur a financial liability.

To proceed, you will need your personal email address for identity management, student id number and password. Enter 'a' before your number to gain access.

How do I enrol?

Find out how you can start enrolling.

When can I enrol?

Starting in December, enrolment opens progressively and extends into the new year.

Conditions of enrolment

Important rules about studying at the University of Adelaide.

Forms & downloads

Information about specific tasks and processing to be undertaken by staff and students.

Enrolment errors

Details on what to do if you get an enrolment error.

Other enrolment information

Information on academic progress, system maintenance, student related policies and other study and enrolment related terms/conditions that may affect you as a student.

Grade Point Average

Calculate your grade point average easily with these online instructions.

Summer and winter school

See what courses are on offer to catch up, broaden or accelerate your study!

Non-award study

A range of courses that are available for study on a non-award basis.