Non-Award Enrolment & Amendment Procedures

To apply:

If your application is approved, you will receive confirmation that you have been successful. A staff member will enrol you into courses on your behalf. Non-award students do not enrol online but are required to complete their enrolment checklist online.

An application for admission and enrolment form must be lodged with the relevant Faculty according to the instructions on the application. You will be invoiced online through Access Adelaide prior to each census date. An email to your University of Adelaide email account will advise you when an invoice is available. Read more about invoices and payment options.

Amendment to enrolment procedures

Course withdrawal

If you decide to stop studying you must formally withdraw from your course. If you remain enrolled you will incur the non-award fee and record a Fail on your academic transcript even if you never attend classes and/or tell the lecturer you plan to withdraw.

You must observe the academic dates set by the University (i.e. withdrawal and census dates) as enrolment, grades and fees are impacted by these critical dates.

If you wish to withdraw from your course, please download the Non-Award Study Amendment to Enrolment form. This form must be submitted to the relevant faculty.

Course additions

If you wish to add another course to your enrolment, please download and complete another non-award enrolment application form. You may add courses within the period allowed by the University at the start of term.

Changing classes

If you wish to change classes (e.g. tutorials) you will need to complete the non-award application to amend enrolment form. Note: you must already be enrolled in the course to change classes.

You will need to check your timetable via Access Adelaide within three (3) days of lodging this form to verify your change of class. While reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your request, due to class size limitations we cannot guarantee that your class change will be approved.

Enrolment checklist

  1. Completed the personal data section.
  2. Selected 3 options (if available) for the classes for each course you wish to enrol in.
  3. Read the conditions on fees, payment options and refunds.
  4. Sign and date the statement of assumed knowledge and the declaration.
  5. Completed the statistics section.