Access Adelaide Access Adelaide is an information, web-based interface for students and academic teaching staff. Students use Access Adelaide to enrol online, change contact details, view personal information, view exam times, obtain official results and enter graduation details.
Class A component of study, assigned a unit value, enrolled against an academic program. Within each course there are classes into which you enrol. These are identified by the class number. You will be enrolling into all of the classes within a particular course. These classes could be lectures, tutorials and/or practicals etc.
Commencing student A student who has accepted an offer to a program at the University of Adelaide and is enrolling in that program for the first time.
Continuing student A student who is enrolling in subsequent years to complete their degree.
Course A syllabus item offered by the University. You undertake courses to complete your program requirements. Courses are identified by a subject area and catalogue number, for example, CHEM 1101 is a first year Chemistry course in the Bachelor of Science program.
Enrolment class This is the first class you must enrol in and it could be any type of class – e.g. a lecture, tute prac etc.
Enrolment open time The day and time from which you can begin enrolling into your courses. These times are staggered depending on what program you are enrolling into. You will not be able to enrol into classes until this time. Once your enrolment open time has commenced you can enrol from that point forward.
Program You are admitted into a program which is the degree that you are undertaking. A program is identified by a unique code, for example, BEC = B. Economics.
Related class These are the other required classes for the course and could be any type of class – lecture, tutorial, practical, seminar, etc. Usually you will need to choose one class from a list for each related class.