Student Support

Wirltu Yarlu offers services and support for students that complement the wide range of university services that are also on offer.

The Wirltu Yarlu Student Support Team coordinate student resources and events, working alongside Faculties and broader University services to enhance and support your experience at the University of Adelaide.

Our dedicated Student Support Officers are available to support you through your university experience, helping you to overcome problems that may arise with culturally safe personal and academic advice and support.

  • Personal support - how we can support you with personal matters

    Wirltu Yarlu student services officers

    Student Services Officers are here to provide support with a range of personal and academic issues that students may face within their time here at university.

    Wirltu Yarlu cultural advisors

    Rosemary Wanganeen and Rodney (Rod) O’Brien are employed as Cultural Advisors to assist with cultural issues, identity, protocol, well-being and support, and Welcome to Country (fee for service).

    Yarn Up

    Wirltu Yarlu operates a student drop-in services called ‘Yarn-Up’ which is open Tuesday to Thursday, 1:00pm to 4:00pm, no appointment necessary. Drop in and have a yarn to one of the student support officers about anything during these times.

    Counselling support

    Counselling support is free and confidential, and is available to all enrolled students seeking to address issues that may be affecting their study and life.

    Disability support

    Disability support can help you manage ways to accommodate your disability whilst at Uni so you can focus your energies towards your studies.

    Student Care

    Student Care staff offer independent information, advocacy and referral across a range of academic and administrative issues to all students enrolled at the University of Adelaide.

    University Health Practice

    Adelaide Unicare has a fully operational medical clinic at the North Terrace Campus that provides health services to students and staff of the University.

  • Academic support - how we can support you with academic matters

    Wirltu Yarlu tutorial program

    A free specialised tutorial program that provides opportunities for mentoring and weekly tuition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled at the University of Adelaide. 

    This is a free service.

    Indigenous student mentors

    Faculty based support that focuses on program advice, enrolments and academic issues.

    Maths Learning Centre

    The Maths Learning Centre helps students succeed in learning and using the maths they need for university. They offer a maths bridging course called MathsTrack as well as a drop in centre and workshops.

    Writing Centre

    The Writing Centre offers a drop in centre and workshps for practical advice and strategies to master reading, writing, note-taking, and referencing techniques for success at university.

  • Life outside the classroom - ways to get involved at the university

    Indigenous research

    If you are interested in completing a Higher Degree by Research (HDR), please get in touch with Lisa Nechvoglod, Project Manager .

    Clubs and societies

    Joining a club is the best way to meet new people who share your interests and to make friends on campus. There are more than 100 clubs of all kinds – social, political, faculty-based, activity-based.

    Student Representative Council (SRC)

    Steven Pappin is looking for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students interested in forming the first Indigenous Students Association. Please contact us if you are interested.

  • Student Enrolment - FAQ

    FAQs Enrolment - This is for all students commencing an undergraduate or enabling program

    1. How do I activate my student account and enrol into my courses?
      Once you accept your official SATAC offer, you will receive your student ID and instructions on ‘how to enrol’ in a welcome e-mail from The University of Adelaide. The instructions will direct you to a platform called ‘Access Adelaide’. You must complete an enrolment checklist via your student account on Access Adelaide, before you can enrol into any courses.

    2. How will the staff at The University of Adelaide communicate with me?
      Your student email. You will need to activate your student email when you activate your student account and enrol into your courses. It is vital that you do this ASAP, otherwise you will miss out on important communications. As your student email account will be with Gmail, you can connect your account to the mobile app.

    3. Who do I contact for assistance with enrolling into my courses?

      Degree program
      You should contact the Faculty that your program or degree of study is administered by or Ask Adelaide. You must contact the Faculty for program advice and study plans (choosing your courses/classes). If you need further assistance, you can contact the Wirltu Yarlu Admissions Officer. Request this at the Wirltu Yarlu reception desk or via the Wirltu Yarlu email address.

      The Wirltu Yarlu Admissions Officer can enrol you directly into your courses. After you receive your welcome e-mail from The University of Adelaide, contact Wirltu Yarlu to discuss your enrolments with the Admissions Officer directly.
    4. Should I attend the Wirltu Yarlu Orientation?
      Yes. It is only a requirement of entry via The Access Pathway, but all students should attend Orientation. Orientation is the best format to receive all information regarding student services, scholarships, text books, academic mentoring and anything else you may need assistance with.

    5. Who do I go to for assistance and support during my studies?

      Wirltu Yarlu
      You will be assigned a Student Support Officer upon commencing your studies who works at Wirltu Yarlu. They will be your go to contact for academic, personal, social and financial support during your studies. You can meet them at Orientation and they will contact you (via email) to introduce themselves.

      There are also Indigenous Student Mentors or Officers working within your Faculty of Study. They will contact you directly (via e-mail) to introduce themselves and offer support. You can also meet them at Orientation

      UPP or CASM
      If you are enrolled in either of these programs, you can contact the Coordinators Amy Robinson and Grayson Rotumah respectively. They will email you to introduce themselves, otherwise, their contact details are included at this end of this document.
    6. Are there Scholarships available?
      Yes. You can find them on the University of Adelaide Scholarships page:
      Wirltu Yarlu also has a Scholarships Officer, Sarah Harvey, that you can make a time to meet with to discuss the application process and any assistance you may require. To do this, lodge an enquiry via Wirltu Yarlu and request a meeting with Sarah or ask your student support officer to refer you.

    7. How do I apply for Academic Mentoring?
      To apply for mentoring you must fill in an online application form via Sonia. You can find Sonia via the Wirltu Yarlu webpage. You use your university credentials to log in, and under the forms tab you will find the form to fill out to request mentoring. Students and mentors are notified via email when mentoring can commence, and only then can mentoring start. Alternatively you may have received an email (via your student email) with the subject “forms to complete” this should have a link to complete the form. If you have any trouble with Sonia, request to meet or speak to the WYAMP Coordinator, Stephanie Zientara, at the Wirltu Yarlu reception desk or via email.
    8. Where do I get my textbooks?
      You will be e-mailed an online link to access your textbooks via Kortext, after two weeks of commencing the semester. Direct any enquiries about your textbooks to your Student Support Officer.  

    9. How do I obtain a confirmation of enrolment?
      You can get a 'Confirmation of Enrolment' letter via Ask Adelaide on the Services webpage- Log in and then scroll down to 'Free Letters', and then 'Confirmation of Enrolment'. Click through the options and select 'e-mail delivery' and then go to your 'cart' and select 'deliver'. It should then be emailed to your student email account within a day or two. Alternatively, you can call Ask Adelaide and request one over the phone. Finalise the courses you're enrolling in, before generating one. You get the first letter for free each semester, but if you require a second one, you then have to pay $20.
    10. Where do I get my ID card?
      You can collect your ID card from the Ask Adelaide service desk on level 3 of Hub Central. You must enrol in your courses, before you can receive a sticker on your ID card certifying that you are studying either ‘Part’ or ‘Full’ time.

    11. How do I print?
      You can print using any computer at The University of Adelaide. Select the ‘Follow You’ printer option when printing. Find your closest printer, and then scan your student ID card on the white card reader (at the top or side of the printer). Click on the documents on the printer screen. Your document will then print.