Helping Your Child Decide

A university education prepares your child for life - and your role in providing guidance can be invaluable.

We know that the career path a person chooses impacts on personal happiness and success, which is why being aware of all the options is essential to help your child make the right choices.

If your child is thinking about university study, it's important to start considering career possibilities and the relevant university degree options. It's not unusual for different universities to have different pre-requisites and entry criteria for similar degrees. So some research into this is advised.

By helping your child carefully choose their Year 10, 11 and 12 subjects (if applicable), they will keep their options open.

Finding the right degree

A good place to start is our Degree Finder, a searchable database of all of our undergraduate degrees and their requirements (such as cut-off scores, pre-requisites and other admission information).

Find a degree

Search Degree Finder for undergraduate, postgraduate coursework and postgraduate research degrees, subjects and careers.