Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change Careers

Ensuring we identify, develop and implement solutions to improve the health of our environment and sustain our climate is a priority for every country in the world.

You will be better prepared to change the direction of our planet’s climate problems with a qualification from South Australia’s no.1 university for sciences. Our degrees will equip you for a career solving complex environmental problems.

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  • Architect 
    Climate responsive building design. Designing smarter buildings that take into account thermal energy management and regional weather patterns.


  • Coastal engineer 
    Coastal Engineers protect sensitive coastal environments through the design of harbours, jetties, wharves and sea walls. Allowing the use of these areas for shipping, infrastructure and recreational use.

  • Conservationist 
    Earth is home to 7 billion people — and we’re careless. Businesses dump waste into oceans. Loggers cut down precious forests. Animal species die out. Conservationists protect/preserve natural resources from depletion, destruction and/or extinction.


  • Environmental project officer 
    Preserve the natural world for future generations by developing and implementing strategy and systems for environmental management and sustainability.


  • Marine biologist 
    Work across the globe to manage marine populations, and develop long-term programs for monitoring environmental pollution.


  • Parks management 
    Park rangers promote the awareness, understanding and appreciation of the natural and cultural features of parks, as well as advising of park rules and regulations.