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2022 Adelaide Immunology Retreat (AIR-17)

The Adelaide Immunology Retreat is a forum where students, research assistants, ECRs and other researchers in the field of immunology can interact in a relaxed environment.  

[Read more about 2022 Adelaide Immunology Retreat (AIR-17)]

School of Biomedicine Roundtable

Join SAiGENCI's own Professor Jose Polo, keynote speaker for the School of Biomedicine Roundtable on the topic of "Exploring the boundaries of nuclear reprogramming".  Zoom available for those unable to attend in person - Zoom: 813 5679 0270 Passcode: 832130

[Read more about School of Biomedicine Roundtable]

Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology (ANZSCDB) SA Meeting

Professor Jose Polo, Director, Adelaide Centre for Epigenetics and Program Lead, Cancer Epigenetics, SAiGENCI will be speaking at this event.

[Read more about Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology (ANZSCDB) SA Meeting]

EpiCSA 7th Annual Meeting

Professor Luciano Martelotto, Group Leader, Single Cell and Spatial Technologies at SAiGENCI will be presenting at the Epigenetics Consortium of South Australia 7th Annual Meeting.

[Read more about EpiCSA 7th Annual Meeting]

Brain Tumour Research SA 1st Annual Symposium

Bringing together brain tumour researchers and clinicians to improve therapeutic outcomes for brain tumour patients in South Australia.

[Read more about Brain Tumour Research SA 1st Annual Symposium]

Multi-Omics 2022

Join SAiGENCI's best at Multi-Omics 2022 for presentations by:

[Read more about Multi-Omics 2022]

NECTA Drug Development Meeting 2023

After much success in 2022, NECTA are excited to announce the return of the NECTA Drug Development Meeting in 2023 – to be held in-person and broadcast live virtually.

[Read more about NECTA Drug Development Meeting 2023]

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