Consumer Advisory Group

We are seeking consumers and community members with an interest in; or lived experience with cancer (either personally or as a family member or carer) to join our new SAiGENCI Consumer Advisory Group (the Advisory Group).

Calls for expression of interest

Our work

The work of SAiGENCI is broadly centred around the following themes:

  • Understanding the mechanisms underlying response and resistance to contemporary cancer therapies.
  • Uncovering the mechanisms driving tumour growth and behaviour through epigenetic and reprogramming research 
  • Identifying ways to make tumours more visible to the body's immune system and improve immune therapies.
  • Identifying new therapeutic targets, and ultimately new potential therapies.
  • Using AI and computer modeling to predict disease, cancer progression and clinical therapies.
  • Working closely with the Bragg Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Local Health Networks and other agencies translating findings directly from bench to bedside through clinical trials. 

Be involved

Members of the Consumer Advisory Group will have an opportunity to keep updated about the progress of the research projects and new findings, and partner with the research team and other stakeholders to: 

  • Discuss new research ideas
  • Help plan for how new research projects are designed and implemented
  • Review and comment on grant applications and other research documentation (in some instances members may be named as part of the investigatory team on grant applications)
  • Assist in disseminating research findings within the community

The meetings

Meetings will usually be held at Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building, North Terrace, Adelaide, or held online via Zoom/Teams and email correspondence. 

Reimbursement is available for: 

  • Preparation and sitting fees: $40/hour
  • Public transport (to/from meeting)
  • Car parking
  • Private vehicle transport (to/from meeting): $0.81/km


  • SAiGENCI Research Group

    SAiGENCI Research Group or project team are responsible for providing:

    • information, training and development opportunities to members relevant to their role on the Consumer Advisory Group (as required).
    • resources needed to undertake agreed tasks including reimbursement for consumer members.
    • secretariat support to the Consumer Advisory Group. 
  • Consumer Advisory Group

    Consumer Advisory Group members are responsible for:

    • sharing their knowledge, skills and experience to inform the research process. 
    • attending and actively participating in Consumer Advisory Group meetings and responding to reasonable and agreed out-of-session requests for advice.
    • participating, as agreed, in activities which promote the work of the SAiGENCI Research Group or project across the South Australian community.
    • identifying and reporting an interest that is in potential or actual conflict with their involvement in the SAiGENCI Research Group or project or has the appearance of such a conflict.
    • notifying the Chair or Secretariat, as soon as practical, if any matter arises which may be deemed to affect the progress of the SAiGENCI Research Group or project.

How to apply

To apply for the position:

  1. Fill in the expression of interest form.
  2. Send the form to